“I matter because…”

Calista Ancog, Staff Writer

Reflections is an annual art contest held by the PTA/PTSA for students grades Pre-K through 12th. There are three levels: school, state, and national; with over 300,000 students entering each year. Students submit original works of art in any of the categories in response to the year’s theme. The categories that Moanalua High School accommodates are as follows: Literature, Photography, and Visual Arts.


The theme changes each year and is picked two years in advance. Each theme is created by a student and this year’s theme is, “I matter because…”


“The concept this year and every year is really open-ended, so there’s a lot of possibilities as [to] how you interpret that theme,” Photography teacher Cher Takemoto said.

Hamp photographed the state winning piece following the theme “Look within”. (Mia Hamp )


Last year, Mia Hamp; a then 9th grader, now 10th grader won 1st place at the state level in the photography category. The theme was “Look within” and her photo was titled “Society’s Beau Ideal.”


“Why not try? It doesn’t cost anything, it’s just a little bit of people’s time,” said Takemoto. 


Submissions are due by November 6th, 2020 to your respective English or Art teacher. 

You can find more information at https://www.hawaiistateptsa.org/reflections-for-students.html or by asking your teacher.