Seniors, let’s resolve to “grow as people”


Hunter Rodriguez, Contributing Writer

This is one of several “slam poems” from seniors who used words from a list of ideas responding to the prompt “As seniors, we are resolute. . . .” 

Growing Up

Growing up is something that everyone goes through.

As seniors, we have the resolve to stay alive.

You could procrastinate or not procrastinate,

found what you love,

so you can keep your head out of the mud.


As seniors, we are resolute about having fun.

Having fun is what we make of it,

from graduating, to sleeping, as much as we see fit,

to getting so much money,

that it’s kind of funny,

or something as simple as growing together

in this wonderful weather.


As seniors, we are resolute about looking toward our futures.

To get good grades,

and pass our classes,

to grow as people and become accountable,

while becoming leaders of tomorrow,

or we can live in the now,

thinking about walking at graduation,

or chilling and living day to day.