Our mission is to report news within Moanalua High School and the Moanalua community as impartially as possible, while maintaining transparency and accountability as journalists. Being members of the media, we promote and protect the rights of our First Amendment, to free speech and a free press. Our core principles follow the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics, centering around seeking the truth, treating members of the school and community with respect, serving the school, and taking responsibility for our actions.

 As Na Hoku O Moanalua, we pledge to document our school and community’s history, while reporting nothing but the truth and highlighting the achievements and excellence of our students, staff members, and members of the community.

HAVE A STORY IDEA: Send our staff a message by emailing us at [email protected] The story should be school appropriate, respectful, and is about a school event or student feature, etc.
*Please submit your story two weeks prior to our next publication date!*