Gen. Z, be politically informed

Information from Val Hoepnerr, CEO of Val Hoepnerr Media and Consulting, LLC.

Lyrah Panarigan

Information from Val Hoepnerr, CEO of Val Hoepnerr Media and Consulting, LLC.

Lyrah Panarigan, Editor in Chief

The following editorial was published on our October 2019 printed issue. 

Generation Z is living in a time where everything happens fast. As of right now, we could be experiencing our first impeached President of our lifetime. The United States is pulling troops out of Syria as part of distancing the country from “never-ending wars”. There is so much change in the dynamic of our own national government – but as the future generation, it is only a question of time if we are doing our part to keep up with it.

Staying informed with politics may seem daunting, a dark and boring past-time – but what goes on in government is ultimately what will affect our future. From topics like climate change to gun control, these laws have power over our lives. It then should stand important to be educated in order to elect the right politicians that are in line with what the people need.

“Fake-news” is a phrase thrown around and pointed at different media organizations. It can only serve as motivators to us, Generation Z, to make truth a standard — to find out the truth and to make the decision off of it. Getting news from non-profit organizations, lo- cal news, or by understand- ing and detecting biased lan- guage is one way to filter out opinionated news sources.

Our republic democracy thrives on the people – regardless of the majority party,

political beliefs and opinions what we choose to educate ourselves on and how much we choose to educate is what will define our generation. What our generation will be known for, and what we can only give to the future ones ahead, is up to us to do wisely. We are given big shoes to fill, and staying informed is only part of the job.

So , as a proud member of Generation Z, I ask that we start, or continue, to be politically informed.