Memories of the Future

Britney Maddox, Associate Editor

Every year as a new year begins, people wonder what the year will have in store? With 2019 coming to an end, the beginning of 2020 is left with predictions such as the upcoming presidential elections. Predictions of what the future will look like is seen in the movies like The Terminator and Back to the Future, though movies can only give a hint to the ideas of the past. Let’s explore the realistic and optimistic predictions of what our teachers thought the future would be like.

The Predictions

Mr. Achiu and Ms. Cole predicted the following: flying cars and hoverboards seen in popular movies. The hit movies The Terminator and Back to the Future left people in the 1980s scared and excited for the revolutionary technology of the future. Ms. Cole was one of these people who thought that “when Back to the Future came out [she] personally got excited about flying cars and thought hoverboards might happen one day.”

However, the flying cars and hoverboards portrayed in the movies did not convince Mr. Achiu’s factual beliefs. For instances, “The way they portrayed the Terminator isn’t the way it’s going to happen because they based it off 1980s technology, which was ridiculous levels of expectations to technology.”

Not only were the movies raising people’s expectations of the future, politicians were also giving their insights about the future such as “President Bush in 2004 saying that we were going to Mars by 2020,” Mr. Achiu said.

Ideas of 2020

The past decades predictions of flying cars, hoverboards and going to Mars has left the future an open slate of possibilities. The year 2020 will be an “interesting year political wise as to what’s going to happen to [the] country.”said Ms. Cole.

The year, 2020 might be the year that every prediction comes true or everything will stay the same. No one knows but the sky could be the limit.