Moanalua Presents: Into The Woods

Kendelle Hung-Ino, Digital Media Editor

From February 17th to the 21st, Moanalua acting students held their spring production of Into the Woods. Every year the students put together a spring musical open for students, staff, and families.

  This year’s musical told the story of several fairy-tale characters but with a modern twist. A baker and his wife want to have a child but soon find out they are infertile, since their family tree has been cursed by a neighboring witch. The witch can lift the curse if they are able to retrieve four key ingredients; a red cape, a white cow, a strand of yellow hair, and a gold slipper. In order to get these items, the couple must venture into the woods where they retrieve the necessary items from classic fairytale characters. The musical explores the meaning of “happily ever after” and taking risks.

  Moanalua’s production included several strong performers who were able to transform the characters into their own. The songs “Agony” (The Princes: junior Julian Tolbert and senior Sephan Fernandez) and “On the Steps of the Palace” (Cinderella: senior Jada Young) displayed the students’ singing and acting abilities. Some characters did not follow the typical gender roles which added a touch of humor to the show. Senior Chandler Garcia, playing Cinderella’s stepsister Lucinda, lightened the mood and provided the crowd an occasional laugh. The small cast size caused a couple of students to play multiple parts, this confused me at certain points, but is a simple issue to look past.

  Despite the small stage, the set was transformed from scene to scene and they took advantage of the space given. Several backgrounds were made to follow each fairytale character’s story. However, due to the frequent shift in settings there were a couple mishaps throughout the show. As a first time director, Heona Ayau-Odom (12) did an outstanding job with Into the Woods. “We were super excited to lead our own show and take a leadership role,” says Ayau-Odom. “The biggest lesson I’ve learned is patience.”

Mr. Mark Ikenaga, the acting teacher who oversees the productions, says “I try to make it as student run as possible.”

Students experience the entire process of what it takes to prepare a musical, from deciding their script to working with audio. The acting class has two productions throughout the year, Rising Stars and their spring musical. Make sure to buy tickets for the next show! Come and watch with your friends and family and help support the arts. Don’t miss out on the talent our Menes have to offer.