What’s Happening (Other Than Corona)?

Britney Maddox, Associate Editor

While COVID-19 keeps everyone at home, news outlets focus on “relaying” information about the coronavirus. However during the coronavirus pandemic, other news has been swarming around the island and the country, such as:
On May 12, 2020, The University of Hawai’i at Manoa (UH) choirs gave a virtual performance honoring King Kamehameha I. Stated by Hawaii News Now, “Members of the University Chorus, Concert Chorus, Na Wai Chamber Chorus, Na Wai Chamber Chorus, and the UH Chamber Singers performed “Waika” remotely.”
The director of choral activities at UH, Jace Kahololokula explained that “Through this kaona, we offer this mele to our frontline workers, our UH alumni and students protecting their communities, our graduating UH students, and all of those finding innovative ways to keep Hawaii connected, thriving, and resilient.”
A historical discovery was found 75 miles off of Oahu’s southern shore in a deep sea discovery video. Hawaii News Now reported, “A private research company located the wreckage of the USS Nevada about three miles below the surface.”
The USS Nevada, “…was a battleship deemed unsinkable until 1948 when it was deliberately sunk by the Navy.”
When malls were closed people resorted to online shopping on apps such as Amazon to buy their necessities. According to KITV 4 island News, to combat the increase of online shoppers businesses, “Slash prices by an average of 12 percent between March and April.”
Online stores have reported that the stay at home order, “…helped boost pajama sales by 143 percent but fueled a 13 percent sales decline for pants.”
While the coronavirus is an important topic in the media, other events are continuing to happen every day.