Counselor Update



Moanalua alpha counselors (left to right):Mrs. Ladao (Fb-K), Mrs. Yamamoto (L-Ra), Mrs. Rhodes (CSAP Outreach counselor), Mrs. Oka (A-Fa) and Mrs. Tongg (Re-Z).

Britney Maddox, Editor In Chief

With starting the school year distance learning, it is essential to communicate with your counselors about class changes or any problems. Here is an update about any counselor changes made during the summer.  Ms. Himuro is still an AP coordinator and College and Career Counselor. Ms. Apana is a new College and Career Counselor, the two can be found through the virtual CCC. Join their Google Classroom with the code: 4ksxj4x.

Lastly, Mrs. Ladao is the new alpha counselor for students with last names beginning with Fb-K (replacing Ms. Apana). All other counselors remained the same (refer to photo caption above for more info). If you have any problems with your schedules, email, and message your counselor on Jupiter Ed/Gmail.  For more information about the current events of Moanalua stay on the lookout for new posts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Follow our Instagram @nahouknews for the latest information.