Is it On or Off?

A list of Moanalua activities and their current status

Elizabeth Wellman, Staff Writer

All of Moanalua High School’s co-curricular programs are doing their best to adapt to the difficulties distance learning has brought. Not being able to physically meet has made staple activities such as fundraisers, service projects, and competitions a challenge. Though no one can say with any certainty how the school year will proceed, several programs are doing their best to keep students engaged and involved. 



No commitments or announcements are being made concerning homecoming at this time. There are no suggestions about dates or times because no one knows anything for certain. The Student Association would like to pair Homecoming activities with football, which might resume next semester, but it is impossible to make any solid plans. Anything classes do to prepare is just a big “maybe.”

“I cannot even speculate when something will happen,” Student Activities Coordinator Sherwin Pang said.



The Hawaii High School Athletics Association is unable to make any definite plans for in-person athletics, but it is organizing e-sports, which can be done virtually, right now.  The school currently has two e-sports teams for League of Legends and is awaiting a final decision from the Hawaii High School Athletics Association on when or if they can start competing.

Students interested in joining girls soccer, cheerleading, football, can go to the school’s athletics page for information.


Marching Band:

There have been no full band practices so far, and though they are unsure if performances will occur, announcements will be made prior to the performance. Any plans from the directors are uncertain. 

“But most sections have had some sort of interactions on their own according to section leaders.” Drum Major Kolby Yamamoto said. 



Even though social distancing regulations have made it difficult to plan for events or rent facilities outside of Moanalua High School, events such as an online performance are being discussed among the music faculty.

“We, our music faculty, are still discussing possible options for student participation for in-person concerts and other music department events that we traditionally schedule every year,” choir teacher Rhona Barbos said.. 


World Languages Speech Festival:

The festival is usually a staple event in world language courses, but it is not certain if there will be one next spring. If not, then there will most likely be some alternate, virtual speech festival. If the speech festival is a virtual variation, then participation will depend on the individual language class teachers. 


Speech and Debate:

Speech and debate will be holding virtual meetings, both synchronously and asynchronously.

“The teachers are struggling this year. I don’t blame the board of directors for taking care of primary business.” said coach Joy Turbeville. 



The closure of school means the closure of Mene Mart, the after school snack bar on the third floor of G-building. Earnings from the food sales funded the club’s state competition expenses. This year, the annual competition will be virtual. 

DECA adviser Joelle Kramer said the store is its “primary fundraiser for the year, so it’s good that [the convention] is not going to be physical.”

The Business Club was still able to hold a membership drive earlier in the year and boasts 40 members. It still plans to do service projects such as creating videos of themselves reading picture books that they can then send to children. It is also considering a virtual craft fair next semester that would feature Moanalua High School’s student entrepreneurs.