Going Back To Normal

Ariana Patalinghog, Staff Writer

Now that Oahu is in Tier 2 of Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s COVID-19 safety regulations, outdoor activities participation, including running errands or gathering in small groups for a social outing have increased. Students and residents alike have seen a noticeable difference in the number  of people gathered in malls and shopping centers. With more people out and about, there is more hope for in-person activities and a need for safety precautions.

“I am getting out more. I go to work, I like taking walks outside but of course with my mask on,” junior Farrine Leslie said. 

“I’m going out more as well, but only for school and running errands with family,” added freshman Joelle Watanabe.

Some students are going out more frequently even with COVID-19 laws still in effect. They have hope for life to turn back to ‘normal’.  However, they believe this may cause future problems and create a new ‘normal’ if laws are not taken seriously or the public becomes less strict with their activity outside.


“I have barely been leaving the house since March. I usually only go out to go grocery shopping or to a family member’s house,” sophomore Jaide-Lin Chang said.  Senior Yoobi Lee explains that he hasn’t been going out more frequently either.


There are still other students that are choosing to stay home and have not frequently been outside of their homes. They believe that there is hope for in person activities to go back to normal only if they do their part to social distance and take the COVID-19 laws seriously.


“I think there is hope to go back to school in person. If everyone maintains the rules and regulations then we will be able to safely return,” Leslie said. “There’s still a little hope to go back to in-person activities, as long as everyone follows safety guidelines and does their part to stay healthy,” Watanabe said.


Being reminded of what it was like with no masks, no limits to gatherings and events, and carefree outdoor activities, students, staff, parents, and residents alike urge their counterparts and loved ones to stay home or use necessary equipment when going out to stay safe and aid the new found hope for their daily lives to return to ‘normal’. 


Leslie said “I’m looking forward to going back to school in person, I just want everyone to be safe and healthy!” “Think before you say or do anything,” said Lee.


Having seen the effects of COVID-19 on the mental and physical health of others around the world, students continue to hope to return to their daily normal and take action towards the effort for the situation to become so.