Mene Thoughts: Black Friday in 2020

Black Friday crowds and long lines are even more unappealing this year, here’s what students have say about Black Friday in 2020.

Kendelle Hung-Ino, Associate Editor

Khloe Ringor – 11th

“I go Black Friday shopping every year with my family to get new kitchenware and gifts for friends and family but this year, a lot of companies and stores are doing online deals due to the pandemic so I’m not too worried about actual Black Friday being canceled.”





Taryn Savelio – 10th

“[Black Friday] was a tradition to get up early to capitalize on all the good deals. I personally consider Black Friday a sort of fun kickoff to Christmas because that is a day where I would begin present shopping for my friends and family. So with that aspect gone, it kind [of] put a damper in the jubilancy of the holiday season. However, I’m not going to let this minor setback prevent me from getting into the holiday spirit. I do know that some stores are doing week-long sales, so I will definitely try and check those out!”



Brittany Agustin – 12th

“Honestly I never really went shopping for Black Friday in the first place because Cyber Monday is more convenient. I also feel that canceling Black Friday is better for everyone’s safety with the pandemic going on. I’ve been looking at [the online Black Friday deals] to see what they have but I haven’t gotten anything since money is tight.”





Tori Villarmia – 10th

“It was a family tradition for me,…my aunty and cousins. [We] would go to the mall for hours after Thanksgiving dinner and then wake up super early the next morning to go back to the mall. It was something I looked forward to every year. We’re probably just going to the shop online for our and everyone else’s safety.”





Isabelle Corpuz – 12th

“I personally don’t like lines. Also, I tend to impulse buy a lot and low prices are very tempting when there are thousands of people competing to get it. I just avoid Black Friday shopping because the ‘competitive’ atmosphere stresses me out. It’s probably better if I save up for something like a future trip to Korea.”





Hailey McCarthy – 11th

“It’s always been a tradition for me and my mom so it’s kind of sad this year that we won’t be able to go because of COVID. This will be the first year me and my mom won’t…go in 5 years.”