Why Cancel All Fall, Winter Sports?

Adrianne Salas, Staff Writer

 The cancellation of fall and winter sports this school year is one of those situations equivalent to that of swallowing a bitter pill.

2019 JV Football vs. Castle (Lyrah Panarigan)

        The OIA announced earlier this week, the Hawaii High School Athletic Association’s call to cancel all fall and winter sports 2020-2021 seasons. 

        A combination of eleven contact and no contact sports have taken the hit, including the major favorite, football. 

         The toll this kind of loss for players and those involved with fall sports takes, has caused many of us to question why professional athletes fall season is still in play or what we could possibly do to reinvigorate athletes in their sports careers. For athletes who take sports seriously, especially those in their last year(s) looking forward to scholarships or opportunities, a leeway for a season could have been made. 

        Much like professional sports, where many regulations for health and safety have been made for both the players, staff and audience, high schools could have done the same. If not for the contact heavy sports to resume season with these new regulations, the lesser/no contact sports such as air riflery, could surely have resumed with the proper precautions. 

        So why not? Budget, lack of time to plan, fear of social overwhelm. Either way, we understand the decision to cancel the fall sports season because in the end it was for the benefit of each of our student athletes’ health and safety.