Pandemic Style: Homecoming

Emily Delacruz, Staff Writer

Moanalua High School’s Homecoming Week this year will be both the same and different – this years theme is “Loading Player Mene”.  Homecoming, delayed from its usual fall semester because of the disrupted school calendar, will take place February 16-19  with all the usual events: floorshow, song competition, cheer competition, banner and trivia. 


 All the events will be live, but participation is limited due to safety regulations. During the volleyball event on February 16, the competition will be 2 on 2: 1 boy and 1 girl for each match. They will be playing in the gym without an audience. Each grade level is able to switch out their two players for each match.


For the pep rally on the 18th, each grade level will enter the gym separately with no more than 20 students. They will perform the floorshow and song/cheer competition then leave and allow the next class to enter.


During Trivia, each grade level is allowed up to five students and play live with one runner per grade level, bringing the answer cards to the judges.


“The only other people allowed will be the Homecoming Committee, members, judges, chaperones and Mene MAC to tape events,” Student Activities Coordinator Sherwin Pang said.


The class banners will be hung on the Senior Lounge railing in the cafeteria by 8 a.m. on February 17 for everyone to view during in-person learning.


The noon hour games will be all virtual during lunch, similar to Mr. Pang’s Friday Fun Day activities.