Gains and Losses of 2021

A new year, and another opportunity to ‘wipe the slate clean’. Our staff took on the challenge of breaking old habits and starting new ones.


    Strapping on my skates – Ella

This new year I started roller skating. I got a pair as a gift for Christmas and my goal is to decrease the amount of times I fall down. I’m happy to say that compared to where I started, I have definitely improved. However, I did fall into a mud puddle a couple days ago, so I still have a ways to go. Roller skating is also a good way to trick myself into exercising, so this is kind of a two-for-the-effort-of-one resolution. Overall, I am satisfied with the way this resolution is progressing and I will continue to roller skate. 


Keeping my room clean  – Calista

It’s been a few weeks since the new year and I’m glad to say I’m on my way to a cleaner room. It’s not totally the way I want it yet, but I plan to get there soon. So far I’ve folded my clothes and put them away right away, which is a great improvement and makes me feel accomplished. I’ve also swept and dusted practically everything in my room, so in order to keep it dust-free I plan to sweep at least once a week. Though I’ve made some progress there is still lots to be done. 


Disconnecting at dinnertime – Kendelle

It’s too often that I find myself on YouTube or scrolling through my TikTok for-you-page during meals. My goal for the new year was to become more present while eating. I want to connect with my family and actually enjoy the food I’m eating. It’s been a little weird if I’m eating alone and am just sitting there, but I’ve noticed that I’m aware of how much I’m actually eating and my food somehow tastes better. It will take several weeks for this habit to stick but I’m focused on reminding myself every time I grab food that eating isn’t for adding screen time. 


30 minutes more – Yerin

Before the new year, my sleeping times were very irregular because my workload was different every day. The gain challenge I made for myself is to go to bed 30 minutes earlier than normal and wake up earlier as well. What stuff I don’t finish at night I’ll do in the morning. This lifestyle changed my body and mind because I had more time to recover and I’m clearer-headed in the morning.



Bringing down my borders – Adrianne

I chose to step outside of my head and say yes more. During this time I got a job and started making friends with people I used to see around. To keep this habit of being open to opportunities, I plan on writing down/setting my intentions for the next day before I go to bed at night so I remember a bigger picture when I wake up.



Saying goodbye to distracted studying – Britney

 Like every teenager, while doing homework I always get distracted by my phone. With this year being my senior year I’m trying to adapt efficient studying habits for college. However learning how to not touch my phone is challenging. During the first week, I put my phone in a separate room which worked for a couple of days. Until one day I didn’t want to do an essay, went into the separate room and fell asleep while on my phone. The second week I was more productive with finishing my homework and did not check my phone often. I still have an unhealthy relationship to my phone whether it’s constantly checking it, scrolling through Instagram or watching Netflix. However I’m hoping over time my phone habits will change.


Putting away the controller – Emily

Usually I’m staring at my TV screen, playing for five to six hours everyday. It was hard to figure out what I was going to do during that empty time. During my first week, I still played for that amount of time but improved the following week. I figured out what to do and I stayed away from my console and laptop. Instead of playing for six hours everyday, it dropped to four. It’s still a lot but it helped me focus on myself.