Record-Breaking Food Drive

Emily Delacruz, Staff Writer

Moanalua High School’s Student Association has assisted the Hawaii Foodbank by collecting donations for the Spring Food Drive. This drive started January 19 and ended February 25, breaking the school’s record. $10,506.50 was donated to the Hawaii Foodbank.

In 2013, the overall points Moanalua High School earned was just over 12,000 points which was more than $6,000 donated. 

This Spring Food Drive was monetary-only, students were only able to give cash or checks instead of bags of rice or cans.

“The Salt Lake-Moanalua community is really generous. What hopefully happened is that those who did not lose their jobs and did not suffer any economic loss really felt empathy for those who did, and were more than willing to share.” said Student Activities Coordinator, Sherwin Pang.

 “I think the pandemic played a role in this year’s high donations… People know that others are in need, so they are willing to donate and help the less fortunate in our community.  Many families have seen economic hardships first hand, either experiencing it themselves or seeing a loved one struggle.” says Neilson Ishida, junior class advisor.

Although many students were not on campus, it was still a contest among the classes. The final Spring Food Drive results had the juniors in first place, freshmen in second place, sophomores in third place, and seniors in fourth place; with Vanessa Schlegel being the freshmen homeroom winner.