My Experience Getting The Vaccine


Britney Maddox

Britney Maddox getting her COVID vaccine.

Britney Maddox, Editor In Chief

Since childhood, I’ve been skeptical of vaccines. Unlike other kids, I didn’t receive the flu shot when I was younger because of my medical history. I was raised to be cautious and informed about vaccines before receiving them. However, after one year of the pandemic and receiving the vaccine, my views have changed.

Last year as COVID started to spread rapidly, the idea of a vaccine became the solution to get back to normal life. In the beginning of the year as vaccines began to be distributed, however, I questioned whether the vaccines were safe.

Around February, the military began offering vaccines to soldiers.  My parents volunteered and were the first in my family to get vaccinated. I watched them carefully over the days after their shot. The only symptoms they experienced were sleepiness and dry eyes. When the vaccine was offered to dependents (military spouses and children) I volunteered. I figured since I was going to college on the mainland, I should protect myself. 

I was skeptical at first, however, because I didn’t know how the vaccine would affect younger people. My first shot was in March on a Saturday. I was nervous and a little scared. I don’t like needles and I didn’t know if the shot would hurt. Surprisingly the shot didn’t hurt and was finished quickly. I became really energized while I waited the 15 minutes before I could go home. Throughout the following days I was tired and my arm was very sore; however, after three days I was feeling back to normal.

When I got my second shot, I was apprehensive because I know the side effects tend to be more severe. Like the first shot, it didn’t hurt, though I felt a little tired afterwards. I started feeling worse the second day. I felt nauseated and dehydrated, and my body was in pain. I slept a lot the second day but for the rest of the week I felt fine. My arm was only sore for three days, and I felt normal again. 

After two weeks of having the second dose, I feel normal and haven’t felt any side effects. I feel more protective in public areas now that I’m vaccinated, but I continue to follow safety guidelines. Although I was skeptical of receiving the vaccine at first, I’m happy I got vaccinated and included in the U.S. reaching herd immunity.