Easy ways to celebrate Mothers Day

Elizabeth Wellman, Staff Writer

Photo courtesy Hawaii Activiteis

Mother’s Day is this Sunday! The National Retail Federation projects that this year the average American will spend $220.48 on Mother’s Day gifts. However, not all of us have that kind of cash. Check out these six gift ideas that only require your time and effort!



1. Photo Book:

Take a trip down memory lane with a photo book! You can even create a digital one and personalize it by including photo captions.


2. Cooking/Baking:

Cook/bake her favorite foods to show how much you appreciate her. Breakfast in bed is never a miss!


3. Cleaning:

Clean the house or wash the car. She shouldn’t have to worry about household chores on a day designated for her!


4. Plan a Trip Outside:

We live in Hawaii! Take her out to relax on the beach or on a hike to explore nature. 


5. Babysit Siblings:

If you have younger siblings, babysitting them would be a great break for your mom to go out or even just take a nap without being interrupted. 


6. A Card Given with a Hug:

Write her a card and give it to her with a hug. Yes, it’s cliche, but letting her know how much she means to you is a great way to make her feel loved on her special day