Dialing 808 is now required for local calls


Haley Meyer, Staff Writer

Double-check your contact’s phone numbers because as soon as October 24th, 2021 Hawaii residents must dial 808 before a phone number for the call to go through. All of the phone services in Hawaii will be implementing this mandatory 10-digit number local calling. If  808 is not added in front of a phone number then the call may not be fully completed. 

The dialing change is coming because the Federal Communications Commission had chosen to take in 988 as the new nationwide number. This nationwide number will be activated on July 16, 2022. It can be used to get in touch with the National Suicide Prevention and Mental Crisis Lifeline. All phone numbers will remain the same, the only thing that is changing is needing to input the area code as well as the phone number when trying to call or text someone. 

Some students think the change will be an inconvenience. “I think it’ll be a hindrance but we’ll get used to it,” said senior Kody Aurio-Peltier. 

Others support the change because of the purpose behind it. “I don’t really mind the change. I’m actually really happy that they’re implementing this prevention line and recognizing mental health is an important issue,” said senior Samantha Tang.