Mene Thoughts: Favorite Halloween Memories

Calista Ancog, Associate Editor

Photo courtesy Gabrielle Hayashida

Gabrielle Hayashida – 9th

“The Halloween when I was 2 years old was particularly memorable. One of my relatives built a small haunted house in their driveway. I believe the whole thing was handmade from pieces of painted wood. At the time I thought it was huge and intricate, even though it could’ve easily fit inside their garage and was only a few small rooms. It’s nice, though, to be able to look back and have the picture in my mind be of towering walls, dark rooms, corridors so convoluted it felt like a maze. This was also before my siblings were born, so I didn’t have to share my candy with anyone.”


Ariyanna Padello – 10th

“There was this one house where when you went up to get candy they would say every other holiday but Halloween.” “Trick or treat!” “Merry Christmas, Happy Thanksgiving, Have a good Easter!”


Photo courtesy Christopher Dias

Christopher Dias – 11th

“In my freshman year, I dressed up as a greaser, a last-minute costume just to be a part of the school spirit. It became my favorite Halloween memory because people thought I matched the costume very well, with long hair and even a secret comb. From little kids complimenting me to even the elderly saying that I looked great in it when walking by their places trick-or-treating.”







Photo courtesy Sage Caneso-Bantolina

Sage Caneso-Bantolina — 12th

“My sister and I wanted to match costumes so we dressed up as Chihiro and No-Face (Kaonashi) from Spirited Away. It was the biggest attention grabber when we went to Aulani because of all the tourists.”