Cleanup, cleanup, everyone did their share


Joelle Watanabe

Leo club students do gardening in front of the cafeteria.

After a year of blended learning due to COVID-19, the second half of 2021 got Moanalua High School back into full swing with about 2,000 kids back on campus. Of course, with more people, comes the heavy usage of facilities and infrastructure. Wear and tear is inevitable. 

Moanalua got a well deserved makeover this Veteran’s Day. With all four grade levels and over 15 clubs participating in different tasks such as gardening and painting, the campus felt brand new by the end of the event.

“Everything, everything since we did the painting, everything looked more darker and more new than before,” sophomore Alicia Luke said about her class’ part of the event.

Many students spent the holiday off taking part in Moanalua’s transformation, the sophomore class pulling in more than 90 kids alone to paint railings, picnic tables, and benches. 

“I was very impressed with the amount of students who showed up for Campus Beautification,” Sophomore Class Adviser Vanessa Schlegel said. 

With friends (and delicious refreshments that were generously provided), Moanalua became truly “beautiful” thanks to the efforts of all the student volunteers.