Rivalries: The Heart and Soul of College Football


Yale vs. Princeton

Aidan Kenyon, Staff Writer

    College rivalry games are the most hyped-up games throughout the year. Rivalry games often occur late into the season, often around Thanksgiving. The week, when these games occur, is called “rivalry week”. These games are very intense and often have been going on for years, so history is there. In addition, everyone wants to see these teams play one another because it is a kind of tradition.

    The most popular rivalry games are between large schools. Everyone wants to see top-tier teams play one another. Some of the most popular rivalries in my opinion would be Michigan vs Ohio State, Army vs Navy, Alabama vs Auburn, Harvard vs Yale, and Georgia vs Florida. Some of these rivalries have clever names such as the “Apple Cup” for the University of Washington vs. Washington State game. There’s often a trophy that goes along with it, such as the Stanford Axe from the Stanford-UC Berkeley “Big Game.” 

 There are many other rivalries that you can watch just look up your college team and its rivalry and you can watch that game whenever it occurs. Maybe you can even research the rivalry and appreciate the game more when you watch it. 

    College rivalries are often between schools that are located relatively close to one another like the University of Michigan and Michigan State University rivalry. These schools are both in the same state yet they still have a rivalry.  Another prime example is Michigan vs Ohio State. The states of Michigan and Ohio are right next to one another making it easily possible for them to play every year. Distance is not a factor when it comes to these college rivalries. Distance is not that important when it comes to college rivalries, though the most important part of these rivalries is the play. When rivals play they tend to be very competitive and go to any means to get the win to help their team to get a lead or an advantage over the other team. Winning is everything in these games.  This is a college rivalry. The fans are here to watch them fight and play their hearts out. 

Some of the longest rivalries started in the 19th century. The oldest rivalry is the one between Yale and Princeton. This rivalry is dated back to about 1873 back when this rivalry began these two schools were very big and dominant. Army vs. Navy started in 1890, and Minnesota vs Iowa the following year. The Michigan vs Ohio State started in 1897.