National Brownie Day: Cakey vs. Fudgy

Joelle Watanabe, Staff Writer

Today is National Brownie Day, but being real, every day is brownie day. From school functions to a small dessert after dinner, brownies are one of the best desserts for any occasion. 

Na Hoku O Moanalua wanted to find out which type reigned supreme on campus. Culinary teacher Justine Perkins and Na Hoku Associate Editor  Calista Ancog each made a pan of brownies for students, teachers, and administrators to sample. Perkins made fudgy brownies, and Ancog made cakey brownies. The winner: cakey. Tasters enjoyed its richness and softer texture. (The vote was 10-8).

Brownies (the main ingredient being chocolate) are easily a favorite treat of mine. I remember clearly how at our end-of-the-year parties in grade school, a brownie (or two) was always on my plate. I looked forward to seeing the list of who was making food for the potluck, and seeing “brownies” under the dessert section instantly made my mouth water for the occasion. 

Cakey brownies have more flour and egg, hence the taller height and fluffier interior. But really, it’s just a chocolate explosion either way, whether you are a cakey or fudgy snacker.

I never thought about it back when I was younger (I just craved sugar, and chocolate), but the possibilities of brownie creations are truly endless. I’ve come to appreciate both the frosted and unfrosted, the ones with mixed peanut butter or vanilla, and the different textures from the adjusted ingredients. 

If you feel like having a brownie today and don’t have much time to make one yourself, I definitely recommend the Starbucks brownie! Especially if you love fudgy brownies, and would love a convenient sweet to pick up on the go, buy a brownie for yourself at this popular food chain.

Treat yourself to this chocolatey confection this National Brownie Day!