Be Selective About Your Elective

Caylen Maria Corpuz, Staff Writer

It’s no secret that many high school students are indecisive when picking courses for their next school year. Oftentimes, their dilemmas start because they either can’t narrow down their choices, or don’t seem to gravitate towards any classes at all. With the past school year done completely online, making these important decisions have become even harder.

In an attempt to help students make course decisions more confidently, an elective showcase is being held this week (December 6-10) during lunch at the library. Some featured electives include news writing, culinary, and dance. 

Student Association president, Seolbin Hong, says that the showcase was established to help underclassmen explore the many programs offered on campus. At the event, students will be able to meet and talk to both peers and teachers of the classes, to learn more about them.

Especially coming from a school year spent remotely, this showcase will be incredibly helpful for half of the student body (freshmen and sophomores) that aren’t as familiar with the campus and courses offered. 

To encourage more students to attend, teachers and students should do their best to spread the word, whether that be by posting flyers or making announcements. 

The showcase is a great opportunity to give the more uncommon elective classes the spotlight. There are several of them that students didn’t even know existed, or were too afraid to take, and spreading the news about this event will surely help them with these problems.