Rain storm surprises students, teachers

Haley Meyer, staff writer

Rain in Hawaii is pretty common, but the rainstorm that hit Hawaii last Monday was the farthest thing from common. The storm had impacted many schools here on Oahu, causing some to shut down but not Moanalua High School. Although Moanalua didn’t shut down, it did have all afterschool events and practices canceled. Some students ended up soaked while some classrooms sprung leaks. 

The storm was windy, rainy, and cold. Nearly the whole day students were getting soaked while getting to their classes. During the 6th and 7th periods, it started pouring rain. The wind was slamming doors closed and the rain was coming through windows. 

“Once I walked into my English class,” Xavier Leung, a sophomore, said. “The door. . . slammed behind me.” 

Some classes ended up springing leaks like science teacher Roy Huff’s room in Q102L. While in the middle of the class, students noticed that there was water starting to puddle on the floor. When inspected further, it was found that there was a leak in the wall near all of the textbooks causing some of them to get wet. 

“The water trickled into the class,” sophomore Jonathan Au said. “But we trudged on.”

Due to the weather, all afterschool practices and activities like football practices, mock trial meetings, and even the room cleaners all had to leave campus by 3:30. The room cleaners get paid by the hour and when they have to leave early they do not get paid. Outdoor sports like football, baseball, and softball are all practiced on the school’s fields. Both the baseball field and the football field were thoroughly drenched making it impossible to play.

“I was really bummed when I found out that practice got canceled, to be honest,” sophomore Raegan Vidad said. “I was looking forward to playing with my teammates.”

The storm was bad but once school got out, things somehow managed to get worse. Some houses were flooded and the power went out in Moanalua Valley. Sophomore Erin Tanouye, who lives in the valley was one of the victims of a power outage in the area. 

“I was about to sleep. I closed my eyes and WHAM!” Tanouye said. “Everything shut off”

The weather has since cleared up to the normal blue skies and trade winds, giving the campus time to dry out and green up.