College football national championship next week pits the ‘Tide against the ‘Dogs

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Aidan Kenyon, staff writer

 The college football season is almost at an end and the big game is just upon us. The top two teams are gonna throw it all on the field on January 10. What a start to the new year, a game between the two biggest college football teams in the country: The University of Alabama Crimson Tide and the University of Georgia Bulldogs, both 13-1 teams. 

Georgia beat the now-12-2 University of Michigan Wolverines to clinch the final national championship berth last month, while Alabama defeated the University of Cincinnati Bearcats, who had had an unexpected and amazing season this year, going 13-1 as well. That one loss to Alabama was the one loss that really mattered. As a non-Power Five team, Cincinnati represented the hope that schools from less-dominant conferences could play on the big stage.

             The Bulldogs have a lot to prove. In most years, Georgia, despite being a top-tier college team, does not make it to the national championship. Most years Georgia plays very well during the regular season but as soon as it comes to playing the top teams, they stumble. Alabama, on the other hand, is expected to be a top contender every year almost every year.  Alabama dominated The Ohio State University in last year’s national championship 52-24. Georgia’s last time winning the national championship was in 1980. 

The difference in their championship history is very noticeable, Alabama has won the national championship five times in the last 10 years. Overall, Alabama has won the championship 13 times, and Georgia has only won it twice. The difference in their past is noticeable, but it’s not like every year will have the same results. New recruits are brought in every year by every school, and this year Georgia just might win it all.

 One new challenge all sports teams faced in the last two years was the pandemic. Many regular-season games as well as bowl games–including the Hawaii Bowl on Christmas Eve–were canceled this year because of Covid issues. All major teams have all players vaccinated but vaccinations do not mean they cannot contract the Covid new variants. The big game is three days away. We can only hope that the teams can stay healthy so that we can watch this amazing brawl between the top two teams.