Moanalua “fanyus” respond to Yuzuru Hanyu’s slip up


Photo courtesy New York Times

Yuzuru Hanyu missed his quad axel in his 2022 Oympic free skate, causing an emotional response from his fans called “fanyus”.

Calista Ancog, Associate Editor

In 2014, the Olympic skating world was introduced to Yuzuru Hanyu, a figure skater that would come to break many Olympic records and steal the hearts of millions.

He was the first Asian male figure skater to take home gold. And is currently a two-time Olympic champion.

In this year’s winter Olympics in Beijing, Yuzuru Hanyu set out to make history in his free skate with a quad Axel (which has never been done before in a competition). However, it didn’t end well; Hanyu fell, leaving many of his fans devastated.  

“Sometimes you take risks and it doesn’t go the way you planned it to, but you live with the fact that you tried. I think that feeling is way better than regret,” junior Kalyn Tom, who has followed Hanyu’s career, said.

A statement from Hanyu was later released, stating that he couldn’t take off properly due to a hole in the ice. 

Even though the falter was unexpected, he continued to inspire the “fanyus” and skating world with his unwavering resilience. 

 “Though he did not get a medal in the recent winter Olympics, he won first place in my heart,” junior Kaitlyn Takasawa said.