Student art show makes a comeback


Courtesy of Moanalua Art Department 2019

Ariana Patalinghog, Digital Media Editor

Along the walls and buildings in big cities, in museums, even in your own home, art is present. Moanalua High School is another one of those places that carries with it the beauty and greatness of various forms of art. The annual Art on the Hill exhibition on March 4 features student’s greatest creations including paintings, digital designs, original performances, and more. 

Art on the Hill is an art show that originated in 2019 with the purpose of shining the spotlight on Moanalua’s fine arts and CTE students. The 2021 show was canceled due to the pandemic which makes students, staff, and participants alike anticipate this year’s show much more. 

This year students will be showcasing their art, media, graphics, dance, culinary arts, world language pieces, and poetry on campus from 5-7 p.m. The different exhibits and performances will be held in either the library, student center or F-102.

“I’m looking forward to them having their creative works on display. On campus it’s a lot tougher to see individual works [usually]… With the showcase, anyone in the community could come and take a look and see what students are working on,” photography teacher Cher Takemoto said.

 The general public is invited to attend this year’s Art on the Hill. Visitors will receive a stamp card where they will receive stamps for every gallery they visit, and they can use the card to enter a drawing for prizes.

“I am anticipating a good turnout because admission is free for Art on the Hill and it’s been several years since we have had this event,” graphics teacher Sean Nishimura said.

Seeing as this will be the second Art on the Hill exhibition following a long break due to the pandemic, teachers and students alike are excited to hold the event and be included.

“We are so excited to showcase all of the hard work our students have been showing throughout each practice. I hope everyone enjoys and will come watch the showcase in April,” a senior and director of drama production Farrine Leslie said.

“I think [Art on the Hill] reveals different sides of students. Day to day you see small glimpses of progress. But when you see a grouping or collection of work it’s really a nice feeling,” Takemoto said.

Art on the Hill will be an experience to remember by many and forgotten by none. A great experience surely will be the result of time spent with unique creations and amazing people.