Sophomores, freshmen enjoy a starry banquet

Haley Meyer, Staff Writer

The sophomores and freshmen this year certainly think nothing could have been better than a banquet with their friends. The total count has been extended to 300 students maximum and was quickly filled within the span of 2 weeks. 

The banquet’s theme this year is starry night and it was held on Friday, March 11, the first day of freedom after the tough exam week. The fun night was held at Mene Square and the Cafeteria from 5 to 9:30 p.m.

Students had an option to have a paint-and-sip session with Language Arts teacher Katryna Falghren, where participants were given a blank canvas and paints in order to paint a starry night just like Van Gogh himself. They were also given drinks like apple cider to sip while painting. 

While some students were painting, others were playing games outside. The games included yard games, connect four, and gimmie gimmie. Some of the games were open throughout the night and other games were played in the cafeteria with all the students who had attended. 

Sophomore class president Elizabeth (Lizzie) Kraft said she “wishes there [had been] more participation (in the games), but it was still fun to see some of the students participate.” 

Although there were games, there were also different types of foods. For dinner there was a bento and throughout the night there was a crepe stand. There were also cotton candy machines and popcorn machines for students who wanted snacks earlier in the night. 

The main activity for the night was dancing to the music from DJ Kool-E. 

“I enjoyed how there were so many different types of activities,” sophomore Jonathan Au said “There was something for everyone. Painting and games for students who wanted to take breaks and relax. I liked dancing the most though.” 

Sophomore Class Adviser Vanessa Schlegel said the advisers, mentors, and teachers had no real say in the banquet; the entire banquet was completely student-led. Both freshman and sophomores met together every Friday to discuss banquet plans, from the songs that the DJ would play to the games that were played in the cafeteria. 

“On the day of the banquet, I liked how everyone showed up to help,” Schlegel said. “I was getting worried we weren’t going to be ready by the time students started to show up, but I was happy to see that…everything was set up on time.”

The freshman banquet chairmen were Gabriel Mizerani and Jayla Wada. The sophomore banquet chairman was Alicia Luke. The classes decided to collaborate this year instead of trying to hold separate events. The chairmen from each class had high hopes for the banquet and are all glad that the night turned out to be as great as it was.

“I think that students had a great time,” Luke said.