American, Thai schools different, but goal of success the same


Khanoon Phookhung

Khanoon Phookhung, Contributing Writer


If you compare high school between Hawaii and Thailand it is very different. I have only been in Hawaii for a few months so I don’t know a lot about high school here but I see every teacher is so nice to me. 

In Hawaii I learn seven subjects. It’s not like Thailand. Thai students have to study 13 subjects–that’s so many. In Hawaii, I have a little homework. But in Thailand, you have homework for five different subjects every day. Here we have tutorials twice a week but 90 percent of Thai students have tutorials every day after school. It is a little hard but normal for Thai students. 

People in Thailand want their child to be a doctor. Children carry the family’s hope but not every child has that dream. They might have a different dream and a different way. Thai parents want students to study hard because they want them to have a lot of opportunities. In Hawaii, I think we students can find our own way and give it our all. The goal for every high school is for students to find their dream and follow their dream.

Flag of Thailand. Image courtesy Gettysburg Flag Works.