Both Hawaii and Zhongshan are my home

Siluo Huang, contributing writer

 I grew up in Zhongshan, China. I always heard about Hong Kong from my grandfather who lived in Hawaii and watched the news. The news in China did not report everything. If they didn’t want to show something they would put ads up. Since Hong Kong was not controlled by China, the news talked about everything.

    I finished 7th grade in Zhongshan and then moved to Hawaii. I could not believe the middle school here lets out so early. It is the same for high school, it lets out just an hour later than middle school. In Zhongshan, middle school finishes at 6 to 7 p.m. because they have self-study at school after classes. High schools are boarding schools in China. Students there finish the school day at almost 9 to 10 p.m.

    In Zhongshan there were a lot of people and they have a lot of old streets. I lived on an old street too. In Hawaii, there are not a lot of people everywhere and there aren’t a lot of old streets. In Hawaii when you see people you know or don’t know they still will say “hi” or “hello” to you. In Zhongshan people do not say “hello” to each other if they don’t know each other. The differences between Hawaii and Zhongshan are not only those things, but these are the ones I know and am familiar with. I love both places very much.

Siluo Huang is a sophomore. (photo courtesy Siluo Huang)