MeneMAC works beyond school walls, serves community


photo courtesy MeneMAC.

MeneMAC students traveled “virtually” to the mainland this year to compete at the national Student Television Network contest.

Shaena Buck, staff writer

The MeneMAC program has been a program at Moanalua High School for many years. It has developed into the award-winning program it is today. Students start off in a beginning class, learn the basics of the class.

After your first year you get your choice in which specific program you would like to join: Broadcast Media or Film. 

The media program is very involved in our school’s community. Students are the voices that have the opportunity to use the resources our school provides to create interesting and informative content. 

Many people don’t realize the service that is provided to our school by this program. 

On the broadcast side, we deliver the school’s bulletin, we create commercials for school businesses, and we create fun videos that incorporate actual students’ opinions. We create videos giving a specific view on one interesting person that is involved in the school. Our program is also used to promote school sports. We produce Now Loading News, which is our school’s monthly news show.  The program has been an active participant in the PBS Hawaii student media program Hiki No since its inception in 2011.

MeneMAC also competes in multiple student media competitions such as the local Olelo YouthXchange and the national Student Television News programs. These competitions bring our school awards and recognition to student-submitted videos. It creates opportunities for the students in many different schools, including ours, to overall learn and improve our media skills. 

On the film side, our Menes turn their ideas into short films, public service announcements, and short videos. These videos portray different, creative storylines created by the students. 

Courtney Abalos from the film team talks about how “both the film team and broadcast team film different school events like sports and homecoming, stuff like that for the school.”

Many students should understand that this program provides a community within the school where students can be their creative selves, as well as bring attention to the newest school events. 

“I believe that MeneMAC provides a community for our school, and it helps the students win awards and capture everything,” film student Kayla Labtingao said.

The MeneMAC program provides students and our school community with creative and informative videos that overall help our school be more informed. By MeneMAC participating in different competitions each year we also bring our school good recognition, which leads to great students representing Moanalua.