Na Menehune athletes celebrated at awards banquet

Na Menehune athletes celebrated at awards banquet

Dozens of Moanalua High School student athletes were honored at the annual Athletic Awards Banquet Sunday, May 15 at the Honolulu Country Club. The athletic department recognized each team’s most outstanding, most inspirational and scholar athlete. Senior Kendelle Hung-Ino and Senior Zachary Law were recognized as the overall scholar athletes. Hung-Ino is on the girls air rifle team, and Law is on the boys tennis team.

Fall sports

Team: Boys Air Rifle

  • Most Outstanding: Aiden Fong
  • Most Inspirational: Chris Guerra
  • Scholar-Athlete: Evan Chong

Team: Girls Air Rifle

  • Most Outstanding: Lexi Tokuda and Olivia Akina
  • Most Inspirational: Ebonie Lo
  • Scholar-Athlete: Kendelle Hung-Ino

Team: Boys Bowling

  • Most Outstanding: Branson Lazo
  • Most Inspirational: Braysen Domion and Cadence Sasano
  • Scholar-Athlete: Brayden Domion and Cadence Sasano

Team: Girls Bowling

  • Most Outstanding: Masie Shimabukuro
  • Most Inspirational: Jaci-Ann Laguana
  • Scholar-Athlete: Jacie Masuda

Team: Sideline Cheerleading

  • Most Outstanding: Abrie Prinea
  • Most Inspirational: Isabella Samiano
  • Scholar-Athlete: Madisen Yasui

Team: Competitive Cheerleading

  • Most Outstanding: Bailey Prinea
  • Most Inspirational: Cayla-Ann Catekista
  • Scholar-Athlete: Isabella Samiano

Team: Boys Cross Country

  • Most Outstanding: Colin Shimabukuro
  • Most Inspirational: Carl Joshua Lapurga
  • Scholar-Athlete: Carl Joshua Lapurga

Team: Girls Cross Country

  • Most Outstanding: Maleah Kanayama
  • Most Inspirational: Kacie Teruya
  • Scholar-Athlete: Kaci Tomomitsu

Team: Football

  • Most Outstanding: Jayce Bareng
  • Most Inspirational: Te Kanae Tyrell
  • Scholar-Athlete: Jayce Bareng

Team: Boys Soft Tennis

  • Most Outstanding: Kelsen Martinez
  • Most Inspirational: Brandon Law
  • Scholar-Athlete: Brandon Law

Team: Girls Soft Tennis

  • Most Outstanding: Kami Kurizaki
  • Most Inspirational: Stephanie Lau
  • Scholar-Athlete: Stephanie Lau

Team: Girls Volleyball

  • Most Outstanding: Alexis Iramina and Kamaluhia Garcia
  • Most Inspirational: Zoe Slaughter
  • Scholar-Athlete: Zoe Slaughter

Winter Sports

Team: Boys Basketball

  • Most Outstanding: Micahel Barcelona
  • Most Inspirational: DeShawn Ladipo
  • Scholar-Athlete: Riley Lau

Team: Girls Basketball

  • Most Outstanding: Shailoh Li’ili’i
  • Most Inspirational: Braylee Riturban
  • Scholar-Athlete: Lindsey Muneno

Team: Boys Paddling

  • Most Outstanding: Shun Saito
  • Most Inspirational: Gage Tani
  • Scholar-Athlete: Joseph Averion’

Team: Girls Paddling

  • Most Outstanding: Angel Tran
  • Most Inspirational: Tianna Ostrowski
  • Scholar-Athlete: Jaida-Lyn Kamaunu

Team: Girls Soccer

  • Most Outstanding: Elana Melton
  • Most Inspirational: Siarra Sandobal
  • Scholar-Athlete: ISIS-Jade Bryant

Team: Boys Swimming

  • Most Outstanding: Kai Wang
  • Most Inspirational: Eric Sun
  • Scholar-Athlete: Hunter Rodriguez

Team: Girls Swimming

  • Most Outstanding: Kayley Hudson
  • Most Inspirational: Jordana Jeremiah
  • Scholar-Athlete: Tehani Kealoha

Team: Boys Wrestling

  • Most Outstanding: Blaze Sumiye and Karter Nitahara
  • Most Inspirational: Joseph Lathwood
  • Scholar-Athlete: Joseph Lathwood

Team: Girls Wrestling

  • Most Outstanding: Isabelle Asuncion and Madison Kalamau
  • Most Inspirational: Jadyn Cristostomo
  • Scholar-Athlete:  Rachel Oshita, Eden Baguio, and Kalei Yasumura

Spring Sports

Team: Baseball

  • Most Outstanding: Kaiden Sonoda-Fukumoto
  • Most Inspirational: Nathynn Alvaro
  • Scholar-Athlete: Dawson Sugawa

Team: Boys Golf

  • Most Outstanding: Dylan Sakasegawa and Jensen Chung
  • Most Inspirational: Coby Chang
  • Scholar-Athlete: Nate Choi

Team: Girls Golf

  • Most Outstanding: Ashley Koga
  • Most Inspirational: Carissa Koki and Paige Sur
  • Scholar-Athlete: Sydney Tom and Mia Hirashima

Team: Boys Judo

  • Most Outstanding: Brady Lee and Blaze Sumiye
  • Most Inspirational: Joshua Estabilio
  • Scholar-Athlete: Gage Matsui

Team: Girls Judo

  • Most Outstanding: Jessica Dixon and Kayla Shota
  • Most Inspirational: Rachel Oshita
  • Scholar-Athlete: Baylee Maki

Team: Softball

  • Most Outstanding: Kayla Mashino and Maila Taga
  • Most Inspirational: Maila Taga
  • Scholar-Athlete: Taryn Kimura

Team: Boys Tennis

  • Most Outstanding: Joshua Dela-Cruz
  • Most Inspirational: Cody Chun
  • Scholar-Athlete: Zachary Law

Team: Girls Tennis

  • Most Outstanding: Maya Chang
  • Most Inspirational: Lauren Kim
  • Scholar-Athlete: Sophia Barbaria

Team: Boys Track

  • Most Outstanding: Joshua Sanders
  • Most Inspirational: Colin Shimabukuro
  • Scholar-Athlete: Carl Lapurga

Team: Girls Track

  • Most Outstanding: Keila Gustia
  • Most Inspirational: Kacie Teruya
  • Scholar-Athlete: Mia Kaszubowski

Team: Boys Volleyball

  • Most Outstanding: Keanu Kawaa
  • Most Inspirational: Christian Tafao
  • Scholar-Athlete: Jaycen Bush