Moanalua says “aloha” to new teachers


Alycia Abordonado, staff writer

This year Moanalua High School is welcoming 16 new teachers to our campus. Some are teaching for their first year, while others have experience in the field. But, the one thing they all have in common is a drive to succeed and connect with their new school.

In a new environment many of these teachers are “figuring things out, finding out what works and doesn’t work,” Travis Akasaki, one of the newest additions to our STEM department, said. 

Mapping out the new school and environment alongside many of their students who are also new to the school is a task at least one said she welcomes.

“I’m looking forward to meeting new people,” biology teacher Cari Ann Suzuki said.

Our new teachers are all ecstatically looking forward to achieving great things this school year, and helping their students to do the same. 

Maria Gamvas, a Spanish and English Learning teacher,  said she wants “to get to know staff and students and work on building a class culture” and “learn what the students want to learn, making it relevant to them.”

Japanese teacher Toyoko O’Neil shared a similar conviction.

“Since I am a new teacher, I would like to get to know the people working here and the students as much as possible.” she said.

All of our new teachers expressed excitement for the new school year and all the experiences it will bring.  

For a list of the other new teachers, please see the photo gallery.