Nā Menehune leaves their mark on Kapalama Heights versus The Warriors

Christopher Dias, Staff Writer

What was predicted to be an onslaught at Kūnuiākea Stadium last Friday turned into a night to remember as No. 11 Nā Menehune faced No.8 Kamehameha Warriors.

Head Coach Vince Nihipali faced his second ILH school this season, this being the first time Nā Menehune met against the Warriors in over 10 years. The re-debut of the two teams led to a heart-filled competition on Kapalama Heights.

Nā Menehune (1-1-1) overall, played its first away game of the season. Going into the match with Kamehameha, fans showed their fierce determination in the stands, having their band alongside the many students and faculty. Showing their dominance with their roars throughout the late evening game. 

The roars were quickly raised as the Warriors entered the second quarter with Moanalua trailing by seven.

However, the crowd was quickly silenced as running back Cameron Johnson’s early equalizer [in the second] set the pace for the game once more. The Moanalua advance was quickly met with resistance, as Kamehameha scored another equalizing touchdown with 1:12 left on the clock in the second.

Senior wide receiver Keenan Ulu also gave a reassuring response about his team. 

“This game was to prove to everyone that we can compete against anybody,” he said. “It’s not a matter if they’re a “high up” school, we just have to compete at their level.” His words were taken to heart by the remaining players as the upset tie came in the 4th quarter after freshman quarterback Tayden-Evan Kaawa found Wells for a 21-yard touchdown securing the final score of 21-21.

 The determination of the team was viewed highly from Ulu.

 “We played the same way as if we were playing at home, no matter where we were playing at home or wherever we just wanna ball out and get the win,” he said.

Wells also expressed his thoughts of the team, thankful for how calm and collective they played on foreign turf.

 “The team’s coordination was the same as we play at home,” He said “I felt our team did an outstanding job throughout the whole game.  It was just the little mistakes that kept Kamehameha in the game.”