Juniors getting a jump on college


Haley Meyer, Associate Editor

Juniors received the run-down about preparing for college at last week’s Junior College Planning Night at the Moanalua High School Performing Arts Center. College counselors Rebecca Himuro and Tricia Apana underscored the importance of the junior year when thinking ahead to post-secondary options. 

Juniors need to know when the key test dates are and how to begin the search for post-secondary options. Apana listed the various test prep services.

The career counselors also talked about schedules that juniors should be on during certain times. For example, during Summer 2023, juniors should update their PDS (Personal Data Sheet) and research colleges that they are interested in (keep it around 5-10).  

Athletes who want to continue playing in college need to know the difference between the types of divisions as well as the admissions and scholarship criteria.

“It opened up to me how serious my college and its location would be in the future, especially with choosing colleges within my academic level,” junior Matthew Tran said.

Himuro and Apana encouraged students to join their google classroom and view the newsletter they send out every week via Jupiter. The class code for juniors and seniors is u5crp4b. In the google classroom you can find things like the colleges that are coming to the school for college visits and what period and day they are coming.