School library redesigned for increased student support


Suvi Pham, Contributing writer

The Moanalua High School library is no longer just a place to socialize with other students, borrow books, and finish assignments.  Students can now meet, create and print with less hassle because of recent changes implemented by Library Resource Manager Margaret Travers. 

Travers spent the summer making physical changes in the library to benefit the students.  She added more seating areas for students by removing the computers from the back wall and moving them to the “Cybrary” behind the acrylic partitions. She also made the staff area next to the circulation desk smaller and set up conference tables and new rolling chairs to create more seating areas for students. There are now a total of five seating areas in the library.

In the Cybrary are two small meeting areas students can reserve, an area with art supplies for students working on projects, and perhaps most importantly, a printing center just to the left of the entryway.  The printing center will remain open, even if the main library is closed because of a meeting or for testing.

Students are liking the new changes in the library, because students now have more space to sit but also a place where they can socialize with their friends and do their assignments.

“I like that the library has opportunities to finish assignments and to print out papers,” freshman Sydney Spencer-Cullen said.

Sophomore Sofia Abad-Ilovino agreed, adding “I can focus on my work in the library.”

Supporting students academically and socially is a pri9ority fro Travers, who moved from her social studies classroom to the library last semester.

“I wanted to create a welcoming space for students where they could socialize, make connections, do work, use computers and other resources provided all in one place,” Travers said.

Travers also pipes in soothing music to create an inviting atmosphere.

“I like how it’s more organized and it’s easier to keep track of things,” junior Sydney Tom said.

Sophomore Lily Ho said she likes how  “relaxing” the library is and how it provides “a great place to study and do assignments.”

Although Travers has made a lot of changes to the library, she said she still has other ideas in mind.  She plans in the near future to get new bookshelves, create a quiet study area, and expand the book collection for students to enjoy. 

Travers wants to make the library a hub of literacy and student engagement. She already has students in a Library Club, whose members are planning a book drive as well as other events.  

“It is very busy and lively in the library,”Travers said. “All the seats are usually taken and a lot of students come to the library.  The students are making good use of everything we have, and it’s great.”

The library is open from 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. every day. What has not changed is student access to the research databases EBSCO and Sora, the state’s digital library. In addition, Travers will continue to provide support services to teachers.