Campus getting ready for annual clean-up day


Na Hoku file photo

Clubs and classes will spend a few hours next Friday cleaning and beautifying the campus.

Suvi Pham, Contributing Writer

Campus Beautification Day is an annual activity on Veteran’s Day when students and teachers can come together and clean up the campus to keep Moanalua a healthy and clean environment for both students and staff. Classes and clubs will be on campus from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. painting, scrubbing, and planting.

“To participate in Campus Beautification is to help bring awareness that all of us need to work together to make Moanalua a better place,” Freshman Class Advisor Jennifer Cole said. Her students will be scraping gum off the sidewalks. 

Most groups are making physical changes to the campus in the form of cleaning and refurbishing.

According to Junior Class Advisor Vanessa Schlegel, her class will be “painting, scrubbing, and planting. Students can return to campus on Monday to see scrubbed classrooms, new paint and a refurbished garden.”

Students will return on Monday to see a spiffed up “M” in Mene Square, courtesy of the senior class.

Though the change might not be visible, the sophomores will be cleaning the filters on some of the air conditioning units in the classrooms.  Groups such as Mock Trial, DECA, Interact, and the Polynesian Dance Club will be cleaning classrooms and cafeteria windows. 

Some groups will complete projects that will both beautify the campus and help their own programs. Culinary teacher Justine Perkins said HOSA and FCCLA students will work on the planters across from L 101.

Our current plan is to weed the planters and possibly plant some new plants,” Perkins said. “We are also hoping to replace the planter wall caps that are cracked and broken and cement them and the loose caps back on.  We feel that this is important because the herbs have been useful to the culinary classes so far and we are hoping to plant other plants that can be used during class.”

The air riflery team will clean up their shooting range down near the outdoor basektball courts.

Spanish Club Advisor Lorena Wong had a practical reason for asking her students to come to school to clean the recycling bins around campus.

“Being a chartered club means we are able to [engage in] fundraising.”

The event is organized by the Student Association.