Second quarter a busy one for Student Association activities


Taryn Savelio, Contributing Writer

I am still processing the fact that we made it to quarter two already!!! I hope you all had an enjoyable quarter one and a good return back to school. Thus far, this year has been so amazing since we are finally able to fully bring back, assemblies, activities, and events. Stay tuned, as there are bound to be more fun and exciting things coming your way!

As we continue into quarter two, I just want to remind you all to make the best of your high school experience. At Moanalua, we have so much to offer and we hope that you guys can enjoy and take advantage of all the opportunities before you. I would love to see every single one of you having the best possible year ever. Be sure to stay involved and participate! 

Here are some quarter-two events that you can be a part of:

  • Breast Cancer Research Monetary Drive: Now through Nov. 16

Student Association is currently running a monetary drive to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. All funds will be donated directly to the foundation. Please be sure to bring all donations to your respective class advisor.

  • Fall Food Drive: Now through Nov. 22

Fall Food Drive is ongoing and will be both a monetary and food drive. We are accepting cans of food, bags of rice, and monies. This is a CLASS COMPETITION! So be sure to donate and help your class win. Bring donations directly to your HR/CAP teacher or to your respective class advisor.

  • Campus Beautification: Nov. 11

Campus Beautification is an annual event where all students contribute to making our campus a cleaner place. You can sign up with a club or class! Help keep our school clean and volunteer from 8-10 AM on November 11.

Be sure to have fun this quarter! Remember to take care of yourselves, stay safe, and continue exemplifying your Na Menehune pride. Continue doing great things!