Shop ’til you drop at the Music Department Winter Craft Fair


Photo courtesy Music Department Boosters

The winter craft fair from 2018.

Xchyler Barut, Staff Writer

After a two-year hiatus, Moanalua High School’s Music Department will be bringing back the Winter Craft Fair this Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the upper campus. Because of the struggles of getting things back on track after the COVID-19 outbreak, many people forgot what the Winter Craft Fair is all about. Some people didn’t know it even existed. Although this event is new to most people, it’s been a momentous event for many years. 

The Winter Craft Fair will feature craft items, clothing, home decor, food, and many other items from local vendors. Proceeds from booth fees support the Music Department, other small businesses, and other Moanalua High School club vendors. The Winter Craft Fair gives small businesses an opportunity to sell their products. Considering that it’s hosted by the Music Department, anyone can participate and buy items from this event. 

COVID-19 affected many of Moanalua High School’s annual events, and only the senior class of 2023 have experienced most of them, including the Winter Craft Fair. Senior Matthew Terry, who is also the Music Department prescient, vividly remembers going to this event his freshman year.

“It feels very good [to bring back the Winter Craft Fair],” Terry said. “It’ll be very interesting to see everything back and I’m very excited to host it.”

One of Kanetake’s pieces. (Photo courtesy Mia Kanetake)

One of the independent student vendors, Senior Miya Kanetake, volunteered to assist the Music Department for the event her freshman year. During the pandemic, she was able to spend more time refining her crocheting skills and now has enough product to pay for her own booth at the fair in front of I-building.

“I make home-made crafts because it’s fun for me and it takes up my time when I have nothing to do,” Kanetake said. 

After nearly three years without one, most Moanalua students probably do not even know that once, Moanalua hosted two craft fairs a year–one in December and another in May. Just prior to the pandemic, the Student Association stopped the spring craft fair and allowed the Music Department to take over the winter one.

“I heard about the Winter Craft Fair last year, when Mr. Seta was saying that we haven’t had the Winter Craft Fair in so long,” Junior Maya Leonida said. “But, it sounds like a lot of fun.”

One of the few factors for people not wanting to go to the Winter Craft Fair is the parking. It gets really crowded and sometimes, people can’t find parking.  However, with the Music Department hosting the event, they managed to get Music Department members to volunteer to prevent this problem.

  • Limited customer parking is available in the student parking lot
  • Meter parking is available on Likini Street
  • Customer Parking with shuttle service will be available at Aliamanu Middle School: 3271 Salt Lake Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96818