Rough Riders trample the evening


Calista Ancog

Varsity Seniors

Christopher Dias, Staff Writer

On the evening of January 11th, the spirits were high as the Nā Menehune Boys soccer team faced the Roosevelt Rough Riders for their senior night.

Nā Menehune entered the game (5-3-1), hoping to close out OIA East play with a proper send-off.  Fighting for redemption from last year’s senior night tragedy said winger Ethan Zuniga.

“The main goal for that night was to win. After a disappointing defeat last year, the returning players felt obligated to make up for that loss.”

The team stepped onto the field with heads high, running through an inflatable gate. Nā Menehune’s press was high throughout the first half of the game. With two flying chances created from corners sadly hitting the post. 

With the back line constantly sending the ball up for their wingers to pounce on. However, all chances were quickly shut down by the Rough Rider keeper, who immediately cleared the ball for Roosevelt’s counters. 

Both sides proved their defense was too strong for either attacking side to capitalize. Going into the half at 0-0.

Out of the half and into the second, the dangers of showing their prowess in set pieces were shared. Both goalkeepers tested for their dominance in the box. Nā Menehune won a corner after a deflected clearance, barely missing the post. But through those missed attempts, in the 59th minute, Roosevelt won its header and scored.

Despite being declared as a D2 team, the Rough Riders held their line against the advancing Menehunes. Pressing any attacker and chasing every ball to settle the night at Salt Lake to a 1-0 victory.

Congratulations to all the Seniors!

Christian Woodhead (F)

Jaylen Temple (F)

Ethan Zuniga (MF)

Cameron Johnson (D)

Trevor Hirota (MF)

Quynn Thomas (F)

Michael Akahane (MF)

Andreas Alvarez (F)