Seniors, let’s experience the beauty of graduation together

Keenan Ulu, Contributing Writer

This is one of several “slam poems” from seniors who used words from a list of ideas responding to the prompt “As seniors, we are resolute. . . .” 

As seniors, we are resolute about passing and graduating. Graduate, graduate, graduate, graduate is what we seniors want to happen–make it to graduation. All the years of hard work paying off, getting to graduation, right now we’re surviving till graduation. As seniors, we are resolute about having a plan after high school–either we apply to a college or not, we start our new life outside of school in the real world becoming adults and just living life, but first we have to survive our last semester ever. I just hope all the seniors are passing so we can experience the beautiful moment together. As seniors, we are resolute about making memories, so when we get older we could reflect on the memories we made in all our years in school. Graduate, graduate, is what we’re waiting for, what to get out of here, leaving a legacy.