Who We Were

Andrew Hoang, Contributing Writer

This is one of several “slam poems” from seniors who used words from a list of ideas responding to the prompt “As seniors, we are resolute. . . .” 


Who We Were


As seniors, we are resolute about having fun.

Going beach with fun friends.

Staying up late, but getting more sleep.

Finally being of age, making our own decision,

Making memories, unbounded

With our newfound freedom.


As seniors, we are resolute about graduating.

Graduating with everyone, side by side

Passing our classes through violent storms and unforgiving seas,

Finally getting over it, that hurdle, that roadblock in our way.

Only to be met with the same

Numbing experience glazing our eyes.


As seniors, we are resolute about going to college

Where we build our future careers,

Hoping graduating is the right path toward being successful.

Hoping that making it through the furnace’s inferno,

Finally going back home,

We get that recognition we deserve.


As seniors, we are resolute about leaving.

We learned so miuch, yet so little.

We are still lost. Still not knowing who we are.

Leaving our past behind to express our identity.

The past where we were no longer us.

Leaving space for when we

Finally find ourselves again.

Till we meet again, old friend.