Make it out of the mud

Kai Wang, Contributing Writer

This is one of several “slam poems” from seniors who used words from a list of ideas responding to the prompt “As seniors, we are resolute. . . .” 

As seniors we are resolute about,

Making it out of the mud,

Staying alive within the flood.

Birds of a feather, growing together.

Procrastinating a lot,

Sometimes it gets too hot.


As Seniors we are resolute about

Passing all our classes,

Graduating with the masses.

We form our futures,

To make money like honey.

Walking at graduation,

As college is the next destination.


As senior we are resolute about

Being good leaders and

Getting good grades,

Only to be working for decades.

Holding ourselves accountable,

Not procrastinating, a challenge insurmountable.


As seniors we are resolute about

Keeping calm and living life, On the edge, on the knife.

Having fun and being well rested,

Just hope I don’t get arrested.