A Spotify Playlist for When You See Them


Valentine’s day is only one of 28 days, there’s still time to confess. Here are 28 songs, for the 28 days that you can spend fretting about whether or not to confess. Will you finally do it?


Paper Rings – Taylor Swift – Taylor Swift’s “Paper Rings” is saying that because you love someone so much, you would marry them with paper rings. Loving someone doesn’t mean that you have to get married with a shiny, diamond ring, but it means you’ve fallen in love with someone you would consider a soulmate.  


Falling for Ya – Grace Phipps – Falling for Ya from Disney’s hit movie Teen Beach Movie, talks about how one of the main characters is falling for a boy. Falling for Ya is a song that really shows how someone can feel when they are falling in love.


off-chance – Chloe Ament – Chloe Ament’s “Off-Chance” is initially for the character Dave Rygalski, but anyone who is crushing can relate to the actions described in the song. Take it as an attack or connect on a deeper level, we have it on repeat. 


Astronomy – Conan Gray – Astronomy screams nostalgia; when it plays ten years from now maybe you’ll remember your high school crush. Are they the one who got away? 


If I Could Tell Her – Ben Platt, Laura Dreyfuss – Feel like confessing but just can’t? Give it a chance! They might just say yes! “If I could tell her” captures the feeling of wanting more than anything to share the love with your love.


What You Do To Me – Blanks – Ever had that crush you can’t explain? They just make your stomach flip…yeah. This song is that.


More Than A Woman– Bee Gee – Bee Gees’ song “More Than a Woman” was written from the male gaze, depicting a man’s never-ending love for his partner. The repetitive lyrics of “more than a woman” imply that his partner is someone incredibly special to him, and is a feeling that many feel when they are “crushing” on someone.


ONLY – LeeHi – “Only” by LeeHi is a slow and romantic song that depicts the feelings of wanting someone all to yourself. LeeHi’s sweet voice makes listeners feel as if they’re on cloud 9 in love. 


DARARI – Treasure – “Darari” by Treasure is an upbeat and fun song that just makes you want to confess. 


Ditto – NewJeans – Already confessed and waiting for their answer? “Ditto” by NewJeans is the perfect song for those waiting for them to say those three words back. 


Rose D.O. English or Korean – D.O. -No matter what language “Rose” is in, it hits home. The English version describes an American view of a crush, cause everyone seems cooler when they drive. While the Korean version is the K-Drama OST that will convince you to confess to your crush. 


Melting – Kali Uchis – In her song “Melting” Kali Uchis uses the childish metaphor “melting like an ice cream” to describe the feeling of falling in love. Paired with her sweet voice, Kali Uchis’ metaphors make the song perfect for those who feel like a child again around that special person. 


Into You – Ariana Grande -This song is for those past the crushing phase and ready to cross the line. Sometimes love makes us impatient—this song gives you the courage to make the first move. 


Just the Way You Are – Bruno Mars – Need a song to belt out your feelings for that one person? Bruno Mars’ song  “Just the Way You Are” has easy lyrics to sing that depict those feelings directly from the heart. 


girls – Girl in Red – The song that captures the thoughts of love and like, when one falls hopelessly in love and dreams of their everything. The song “girls” shows when you are constantly thinking of another person, or to be more specific, a girl.


True – Spandau Ballet – When you’re thinking about them all night long, “True” is the feeling of euphoria when your thoughts wander back to the one who naked your heart flutter. 


Someone You Like – The Girl and The Dreamcatcher – This is coming from both the male perspective and the female perspective. It shows that the boy and the girl would do anything for each other because they want to be someone the other person likes. 


I Do Adore – Mindy Gledhill – Opposites attract? Mindy Gledhill describes that perfectly in the song “I do adore.” Even when it seems things don’t go together, sometimes they do.


I Want To Hold Your Hand – The Beatles – That whimsical feeling of wanting more than anything to ask them for their hand. “I want to hold your hand” captures everything one might feel when their love is too much to contain, needing to be shared.


Teenage Dream – Katy Perry – The perfect song to imagine scenarios in your head. Maybe they’ll come true this Valentine’s, and then you’ll be living the “Teenage Dream.”


Someone To Spend Time With – Los Retros – A song that captivates the “what if.” In passing moments hopefully, you will find someone to spend time with.


She’s A Rainbow – The Rolling Stones – The song that colors love in with every color of the rainbow. “She’s a rainbow” is perfect for anyone and everyone who finds their color in their person.


my home – AWIN -The perfect song to dance in the dark to, imagining a night under the stars as you dance away with your home in “my home.”


Enchanted – Taylor Swift – Enchanted is a song that you listen to when you meet someone that makes you feel like a Princess in a movie and you just met your prince charming. 


Crush – SEVENTEEN – Who needs a crush when you’ve got K-pop idols confessing through song? Just kidding, or am I? “Crush” is straightforward and highly relatable, even non-K-pop fans can add it to their crushing playlists. 


Falling in Love – Cody Fry – For the moment when you know that they are everything to you, and everything for you “Falling in Love” captures THE moment. When time stops and you are the only two people in the world. 


December, 1963 – Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons – Capturing love at first sight “December 1963” is perfect for reliving the moment you met the most wonderful person in your life. Oh, what a night.


Your Voice – Moira & Claire – There are some people you could just talk to forever. And when you’re not talking you hold on to stories that you can’t wait to tell them. Then suddenly, you’re in too deep and their voice is stuck in your head.