Why HRK is a positive influencer on social media


Khanoon Phookhung, Contributing Writer

I chose this topic because HRK is a famous streamer and gamer in Thailand. He makes a lot of his followers feel happy, funny and sad through his videos. He is also very good at English. He always plays games in English and translates for his followers. I want to be good at English like him. He inspires me in a lot of things and I want people to get to know him and the reasons why I like him a lot .

The reason why I love him and follow him is because when I was young he was my light. When I was sad or tired I always watched him and smiled. His thinking made me think with him and I feel like his thinking is more than just words. It was ideas, ideas that made a lot of people be in a good mindset. Some streamers were doing crazy things and followers would do the same thing. His ideas made his followers be good people. He was always conscious of his manners but it didn’t mean he never said anything bad. He said bad words but didn’t say a lot. He liked to talk about topics that would be good for his followers because he wanted to make a good social circle around him and other people. 

If I think about Thai streamers who like to play with other people without the notion of being famous. I think about HRK. His real name is Aek and he has 8.35 million followers on YouTube. He makes a lot of videos and most of his videos are games: action games and drama games.  It looks like he is a normal streamer but the reason why people love him is his thinking. He always plays multiple games and talks to teammates. One time his teammate said he worked at a dumpster, and he expressed that he thought his job was only for people who couldn’t graduate or ended school too early. But HRK said to him “Every work has benefits of itself. If we didn’t have you, who is going to clear our trash?” He cheered up his teammate with the sentence: “You are an important person, believe in yourself and do what you believe”. His teammate started crying and became a hot topic. Normal streamers will just delete this part or cut that out of the video and make it a shorter video but HRK took action and made one special video for this man where the man was sharing about his life.

He didn’t just talk about work, he also talked about every hot topic and his thoughts were very interesting and clear to understand. One time same sex marriage was talked about a lot in the news but our neighboring country thought it was an abomination. People in our country also thought that it was weird, and one of his followers asked him about this in his stream. His answer was “What do you think love is? Love is love, it doesn’t matter who is going to love whom or who will marry who. When people love each other and want to get married, why should we say this is weird?  This sucks. You won’t even marry them and don’t know them. You just cannot follow a new world and want to continue in your own world.” He does not just say his opinion without evidence but he explains why he thinks this way and is analytical.