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Recording history, reporting the truth & recognizing excellence.


Recording history, reporting the truth & recognizing excellence.


Micronesian Club goes to college, finds inspiration

The Micronesian Club is about empowering and uplifting students to learn about their culture and learn about potential opportunities in the future. The students went to UH-Manoa to learn more about the college experience and potentially, more about themselves. 

When they arrived, they started with an overview of the campus where students got to learn about UH-Manoa, and learn about the opportunities and potential scholarships.  Lisa Oka, a counselor at Moanalua, accompanied the club on their field trip, hoping they would feel encouraged to think about their plans after high school. 

“I hope the the students see the opportunities available for them after high school,” Oka said, “and got inspired by being on a college campus.” 

“From this experience, I was hoping to get a feel of campus life, and knowing what I want to do in the future,” junior Reana Daleon Guerrero said. “So I was glad to get more information.” 

Later, the students connected with the University of Hawaii’s Community Partnership and Research Specialist Tina Tauasosi-Posiukai, where she inspired the students to take on the opportunities and commit to leadership roles as an underrepresented group. She represents the facility in student services made especially to help Pacific Islander students with scholarships and financial opportunities. 

“You guys need to take the canoe and run with it,” Tauasosi-Posiukai said. “You can no longer stay on the water and row the canoe slowly.” 

The students understood that she was urging them to take control of their futures and meet greater expectations. 

Afterwards the kids moved down to Hamilton Library, the graduate library, where they met up with a well-known photographer in the Pacific, Floyd Takeuchi. His photos of Micronesian women in leadership roles are displayed in the library. 

“ I was able to recognize my aunty in the photographs, so I felt kinda proud,” sophomore Neichen Asan said. 

“It was to inspire and show islanders that they can be in positions of power, and do so much for the community,” Takeuchi said.

Also in Hamilton Library, were artworks created by other Micronesian artists, that had previously been on display at Downtown Art Center. Many of the students were fascinated by the art work, and connected with the pieces featured in the hallway. 

“My most memorable experience was seeing the artworks,” sophomore Jayvin Sohl said, “because I liked seeing Pohnpei, my people, doing those art works.” 

The students were inspired by the creative pieces, and felt really proud of where they come from. It allowed them to appreciate their culture and recognize the beauty of each of their islands. 

“Our field trip today made me realize how beautiful our culture is, and seeing it from another perspective and seeing it exhibited in the library, it inspired me to work harder to strive for Micronesian excellence and add onto that wall of art,” sophomore Dwight Jack said.

Many of the kids were able to have fun and get connected with their culture. It was important that they were able to see a representation of themselves at UH Manoa campus. It allowed them to think about making a mark, and also recognize that even they have the opportunity to make a difference. 

For many this trip was needed, as it allowed them to get out of school, and get a little sneak-peek of how college could potentially be for them, as well as inspire and allow them to enjoy themselves. 

“It was important that our students felt empowered,” Micronesian Club Advisor Brandy Chang said. “Our kids often feel discouraged by how others perceive them, so this trip really allowed them to feel inspired. ”

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