End-of-year Honors

Na Hoku Staff and Emily Delacruz

The end of the year brings about a cascade of honors for Moanalua High School students. The different programs on campus recently announced their state and national winners.


Media/Art Awards

Media and Communications Learning Center (MeneMAC)

Digital Media teachers Mark Ikenaga, Austin Zavala, Kelly Calistro, and Lori Goeas presented the list of film and broadcast journalism winners from state and national competitions.


Student Television Network Fall Challenge (National)

High School SHORT 2nd Place–”The Test Date”–Cassidy Furutani, Preston Silva, Zoe Slaughter, Devin Hung, Taylor Sunouchi
High School Music Video 2nd Place–”Walls”–Sara Brekke, Angela Chong-Gum, Mary Rose Mitchell, Easton Ikenaga, Khloe Ringor


Student Television Network Convention Film Excellence

Best Directing–”Mirage” –Sara Brekke


Student Television Network Convention Broadcast Excellence

Excellence in Broadcasting- Monthly News Show- “Now Loading News” -Frances Michelle Uy, Austin Ariola


STN Spring Nationals 2021

Honorable Mention:
Pandemic Vlog
Cassidy Furutani, Jaymes Tokuda, Easton Ikenaga


Honorable Mention:
Humorous SHORT
“Breakup Sandwich”
Preston Silva, Leigh Antoinette Medina, Deanan Oliveros


National Academy of Television and Arts, San Francisco Chapter

Non Fiction–Short Form
MERIT Award: Mo’olelo: The Stories of Aloha”
Chris Cochrane, Frances Michelle Uy, Austin Ariola, Zion David-Ravey
Fiction-Short Form
MERIT Award: “Mirage”
Sara Brekke, Angela Chong-Gum, Mary Rose Mitchell, Easton Ikenaga, Khole Reigh Ringor
MERIT Award: “Mirage”
Sara Brekke
EXCELLENCE Award: “Mirage”–Sara Brekke
Photographer (Cinematography)
EXCELLENCE Award: “Mirage”–Sara Brekke, Khloe Reigh Ringor
MERIT Award: “Mirage”–Sara Brekke, Mary Rose Mitchell


‘Olelo Youth Xchange 2021 (state)

Healthy Living (1st Place) — “Choose Healthy and Ono At Home”– Cassidy Furutani, Jaymes Tokuda, Noalei Malacas
Traffic Safety (1st Place) — “Eyes On The Road” — Easton Ikenaga and Khloe Ringor
Short Film (1st Place) –”Mirage”– Sara Brekke, Angela Chong-Gum, Mary Rose Mitchell, Easton Ikenaga, Khloe Ringor
Coping with Covid (1st Place) –“Stay Active, Keep a Routine”– Shaena Buck
Stormwater Hero (1st Place) –“Littering is stoppable if you Are Responsible” Trevor Kwak
Substance Abuse (1st Place) — “It Only Took One Hit” Haley Akana
Expert (1st Place) — “Lost and Found” — Austin Ariola and Frances Michelle Uy
Choose Healthy & Ono at Home (Finalist) — “Think Before You Drink” —  Ruben Chavez 
Mini Documentary (Finalist) — ”Mo’olelo: The Stories of Aloha” — Zion, Chris, Austin, Frances
Mini Documentary (Finalist) — “Moving Forward”– Tysen Yahiku, Lehua Thompson, Sydnee Cabacungan
Substance Abuse- Finalist– “The Addiction”– Wyatt Imamoto
A More Resilient & Sustainable Hawai’i (Finalist) — “Solar Energy is Now” — Noah Cheng



Graphic Arts

Graphic Arts teacher Sean Nishimura announced the 2021 High School PELE Awards recognize and reward Creative Excellence in the art of Advertising and Design. Both Nishimura’s and Na’a Makekau’s students participated.


Kenneth Wong   Poster Category
Arianne Javier   Illustration Category
Kenneth Wong   Packaging Category
Arianne Javier   Packaging Category
Rachel Yang     Special Event Material
Kenneth Wong  Poster Category
Arianne Javier   Illustration Category
Kara Kanetake   Poster Category
Aaron Javier      Packaging Category
Keili Ishiara       Poster Category
Siena Bulagay  Poster Category
Siena Bulagay  Misc Project
Rachel Yang    Misc Project
Cassandra Au   Publication Design Cover
Ashton Guting   Poster Category
Sophia Largo    Logo Category
Brycen Martinez Publication Design Cover
Kara Kanetake   Apparel Category
Danni Neyer      Apparel Category
Noalei-Rose Malacas Poster Category
Isabella Sepulveda   Poster Category


STEM Awards

eCybermission State and Regional Awards

eCYBERMISSION is a web-based science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) competition for students in grades six through nine that promotes self-discovery and enables all students to recognize the real-life applications of STEM. Although they did not advance to nationals, the 1st place winners & regional finalists will each receive $2000 in savings bonds. Science teacher Nicole Nakasuji was the adviser for the students, who were in her grade 9 honors physics class.


Hawaii 9th Grade Winners   
1st Place: Composticides Crew, Moanalua High School, Honolulu, HI 
Gavin Kauina, Trinity Baek-Kim, & Kenneth John Cruz investigated what best promotes plant growth in an effort to encourage novice gardeners to grow their own food and reduce the potential issue of food insecurity due  imported food supply lines to Hawaii being cut off.
1st Place: TKT, Moanalua High School, Honolulu, HI 
Trip Hiramoto, Krishan Miller, Theodore Nguyen investigated how to get Oahu’s food waste to reduce less methane when decomposing.  They did this by testing compost bins of different contents with and without red wiggler worms to test their hypothesis of “If we compost specific types of consumable food wastage using worms, which can be adapted to a larger scale, total methane emissions will then decrease because we are composting food waste that would have emitted more methane if we had not.”
Honorable Mention: Riptide, Moanalua High School, Honolulu, HI  
Braelyn Kunimura, Jordyn Haramura, Matehya Shoji, Dawson Sugawa looked into how to reduce the amount of plastic polluting the ocean and harming marine life by designing a biodegradable can holder (to replace the plastic six-pack rings) from jute twine.



Engineering Technology I

Students, under the guidance of STEM teacher Joanna Kobayashi, tied for 2nd place at this year’s Construction Industry Round Table National Design & Construction Competition

Harrison Law (2023)
Edwin Sun (2021)
Justin Hirota (2021)
Matthew Terry (2023)
Kory Phanthavong (2023)


Under the guidance of our Hawai ACE Mentor Program mentors, this team submitted a proposal for “Kaka’ako Community Campus,” a homeless shelter concept that focused on consolidating needs and services in a campus setting. 
Left to right: Harrison Law, Edwin Sun, Justin Hirota, and Matthew Terry. 
Not pictured: Kory Phanthavong


SA Awards

Available to view at http://mohssa.blogspot.com/