Girls Basketball Tames the Bulldogs on Senior Night

Christopher Dias, Staff Writer

Going into the evening the Moanalua Gym hosted the early-to-come Senior night for Girls Basketball. Originally planned for the 10th of January, the change brought a new challenge against the Kaimuki Bulldogs.

The evening brought high hopes for this team. Last year after falling short on the previous senior night against Kaiser, the girls wished to redeem their loss.

The Nā Menehune entered the game 9-0 in the OIA and 12-4 overall. Have plans of solidifying their lead in the D1 East bracket.

Starting off strong the 1st quarter ended in a 20 to 2 lead, In the 2nd quarter 16 points up. To bring a 36-2nd lead before halftime. 

“We had no doubt we wouldn’t win. It was a matter of how we would win. We had to work on staying disciplined on offense and defense” said senior Lindsey Muneno. The team quickly shut down any  Kaimuki advance. The Kaimuki line couldn’t drop fast enough to beat their defenders. Throughout the night the girls held a positive attitude, Not registering a single 3pt shot to be taken by their players. Conceding 4 points total from layups.  “I had total confidence in the team because we supported and cheered each other on so if one of us weren’t doing so well everyone would lift them up and boost their confidence.”

Ending their night with a 64-4 win, redeeming their previous night in a shining exit for the seniors. 

These early breakaways were executed perfectly due to the team’s trust in each other, where Senior Leila Lopez believes their performance was on top that night. “I feel like it was probably the best it has been in a while since our game against Damien. I feel like that is when we all sort of clicked and came together to rally.” 

Congratulations to the seniors!

Lindsey Muneno, Leila Lopez, Mikayala Llaneza, Haina Aiana