Did they build it? Yes, they did!


Na Hoku Staff

Michael Brown, Silas Buryak, Chanhee Yun, and Jules DuBois’s house features rooms with bay-style windows. Buryak said the roof was challenging to make out of special cardstock.

Na Hoku Staff

Nicole Nakasuji’s Honors Physics students had to use more than Legos and blocks to complete their final project for the class this month. They could not call Bob the Builder, either.

Student teams had to design, construct and wire a model home and make sure everything worked. They also had to construct the rooms’ furnishings and meet a whole slew of technical requirements. The final piece was a presentation in front of a panel of industry professionals.

Students had free reign to design whatever kind of house they wanted. One group selected a log cabin, while another opted for a New England-style house.  The roof of each structure lifts off to reveal the intricate circuits and wiring (which all needed to work), and underneath that are the inner rooms with furniture that reflected the kind of people who might have lived there.

The learning objective was to merge the science of electricity with math and design.

After the presentations, students were able to talk to their guests to ask about their occupations.

Nakasuji said the students were a bit nervous to present in front of professional contractors and architects, but relaxed after the positive feedback.

“The experts were impressed,” Nakasuji said.