Clean Campus Ready to Welcome Back Students



Sophomore Jasmine Adiniwin cleans desks for campus beautification.

Emily Delacruz, Staff Writer


Although this year’s campus beautification was not the same as last’s, students and staff still managed to make it happen. Everyone enjoyed themselves and worked hard at the same time.


Only Class Officers and Class Committee members were allowed to participate in the clean up due to Covid-19. Because of this, around 200 students showed up to clean classrooms, paint “no loitering signs”, and scrape gum.


Unfortunately, while the Juniors were painting the “M” in Mene Square it started to rain causing most of the paint to wash off. All of the painting done that morning had to be power washed off. The repaint date is to be determined. 


Students and staff were still able to help clean up campus even if few students are using it.